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Hexapong is considering renting a suite at Metro Center, Phoenix Az. to start a Hexapong Club. Would like some feed back from persons that would be interested in being part of a group to visit such an establishment.  Please reply to 

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This link to Megaspin provides information on and pricing for you to order any/all table tennis products. Click here to visit Megaspin's website.

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Hexapong T-Shirts

Member Price $12.99

Non Member Price $18.99 

Sizes: M/L/XL

Sizes: M/L/XL

Free Shipping of this product to members in the continental United State.

HEXAPONG  (Phoenix Series)

Party Pong

These is a table cloth made to fit over a 48" round table. The Table surface should be at least 1/2" thick in order to provide a good ball bounce. This produce comes with: the cloth as shown, nets (3 each) as shown and 3 plasric paddles as shown.

Three (3) Table cloth in stock.

This picture is the image of the largest table made. The length from one corner to the opposite corner is 9'3" and from one edge to the opposite parallel side is 8'2". It has been designed to fold in half like a commercial table tennis table. But unlike all popular tables sold, the Hexapong table has been designed to use longer then 1/2" screws to affix the legs to the underside of the table. This construction provides for a stronger and longer lasting table if it is constantly being folded and moved for storage.

Until multipile order are placed, this table is made on an as needed basis. 

Member Price $1200.00 + tax

Non Member Price $1320.00 + tax

Member Price $80.00

Non Member Price $90.00

Carbon Fiber paddle

These paddles are hand crafted with a layer of carbon fiber material sandwiched between maple veneer and place on both sides of balsa wood frame.  The handle is slightly twisted to create a ridge for the digits of the fingers to rap around. For the other side of the handle, the top is cut at an angle to allow a resting place for the thumb. The combination of both sides of the handle provide the owner  a secure grip when hitting the ball.

Three (3) right hand paddles in stock

One (1) left hand paddles in stock

Average weight: 3.45 oz

Average length: 10 1/8 in.

Average width: 5 7/8 in.

Average handle length: 3 1/4 in.

Member Price $52.00

Non Member Price $65.00

Free Shipping of this product to members in the continental United State. (All sales final)

Free Shipping of this product to members in the continental United State. (All sales final)

Tennis Trio Scoreboard

This durable fabric scoreboard was developed for the times only three players are able to play. 

The methods of play are as follows:

1.   A single player will use the singles lines of the court while the two other players occupy the other side of the court using the doubles lines. After one game is played, players rotate and continue to rotate until one players advances their token to 6. A singles player will advances their token to the number 1 position if they win. If the doubles team wins, both players will advance their taken to the 1/2 point position on the scoreboard. All three players have the chance to play as a single player and as a doubles partner.

2.  King of the Hill. In this method the winner of each game advances 1 point for each time they win and the other players rotate out with a lose and no point. 

3.  Use just as a regular scoreboard when only two players are playing.

Non Member Price $16.00

Member Price $12.00

8" x 14"   ~   10 in stock

Free Shipping of this product to members in the continental United State. (All sales final)

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